Sunday, March 27, 2011

Minoans 2.0

Just the beat boards from the Period Theme project, which carries from character design into storyboard, layout, and painting.

The beats are pretty self-explanatory, but here's a breakdown anyway: Thalasso (Hero) and Gracy (Love Interest) are in the labrinth. Fleeceus (Villain), believing her to be in danger, rushes in to save her. Thalasso and Fleeceus begin fighting. Gracy takes this opportunity to follow the string out of the labrinth. On the way she meets Derpeus. The two fall into derpy love and run away together.

The ensuing layout is just a setting design, showing where things are in relation to eachother. I had to scale up the doors quite a bit from the beats, Thalasso is much larger than I thought. Darn you perspective!

 Lastly, our school's yearbook is digital this year! We don't have to pay for a page, and everyone gets a free digital copy, HOORAY! I was going to use old art, but thought that this was a special occasion. Sure, why not, I said. I have the time, let's make something awesome. This is what I ended up with:

Some time in the future when I start going more crazy my blog may come to be focused around this guy. Oh, have I not introduced him yet? Maybe not. Anyway, this is Get to Work Fish. He's about 15inches or so tall and he pretty much stands there in his G-string and commands you get some work done. I'm so unmotivated sometimes I need a muscular fish to tell me what's what.

Til next time!

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