Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Painting Stuff

For the first digital exterior assignment we had a few colour keys and tonals to do as well. I'm doing ti a bit backwards, finishing the painting and then figuring out what else I could have done. What can I do; I actually knew what I wanted to paint as soon as I got the assignment this time.

I'm incredibly surprised how incredibly normal my painting became with a bit of hue sliding and brightness adjustments. Pleasantly surprised. I think that if I had set out to paint a green hillside it wouldn't have ended up so nice.

Anyway, here she be:

Slightly Less of a Jerk!

So I got around to finishing my painting today. Well, actually, I didn't get around to it; I needed to do it by today. Same difference. I stuck with the candy colours because they make me smile. I did make them a bit more orange after a little critique, but they're essentially the same.

I ended up doing a sort of "more scribbly the farther back" thing. Anywho, I'll be posting more paintings as the semester continues. These turn out better than my traditional paintings seem to. I guess it's something to do with a lack of paper to overburden with paint.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm a jerk.

I need to post more of my work. Problem is, I do something and then I think it's too gross for internet viewage. I need to get over that. So I'm posting this before I chicken out: a WIP of my first work for Digital Painting class. The only requirement was that it be an exterior. Having just been to Japan and having reference from all my vacation pics, I decided to paint a Japan landscape-inspired mishmash.

Have fun admiring the kids' ice cream colours :)