Saturday, March 17, 2012

Designing things

It's a horrwonderful process, it really is. Horrible: spent all day throwing drawings out, feeling like I'd never be able to chug out anything worthwhile. Wonderful: finally got something that doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out and feeling somewhat proud.

But then, I suppose that's what art is all about.

Here's designs for a new board I'm doing, set to a 45-second long clip of music. Here's a hint: It's about chefs.

I also got back into using Adobe Illustrator. We don't get taught Illustrator at school, sadly. It led to me, last week, fumbling around trying to remember how to draw anything. Pen tool? What's that? Illustrator is actually the first drawing program I learned how to use (MS Paint never counts), but when you don't use something for 3 years you get rusty. SO, here's some Mini Coopers I drew to get back into it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Now a bunch of stuff that you never wanted to see, but are going to anyway because this is my blog and I do what I want! The rest of this stuff doesn't really have a category. It's mostly things I drew because I felt like it and should probably not be showing the world. But, again, this is my blog and I'll do what I want, sir.

Good day.


This animation is featured in my demo reel, but here it is on its own. Let me just say that animating in flash is so much more fun than animating traditionally. You have so much more freedom to just shift things around, erase certain parts. Oh, technology.

Storyboards 2.0

This board needed a post of its own. It's a board from second year that I updated. It turned out a bit longer than expected. So much so that I needed to shove 12 boards on a page so that this one board didn't take up all the space.

Anteaters! Yay!


Introductions are getting harder and harder to think of. Maybe this is why people update their blogs regularly instead of dumping everything out in one night. I'll learn someday.

First up: Boards from my action analysis project!

Second: TV Boards. The assignment was to write a short Period piece, then board an act of it. Mine was a story about a Minotaur in love with a sheep. Apparently it featured Sean Connery as a goat.

Naked People

Also some clothed people. Life drawing's become really fun this year. Partially because we've gotten to draw both nude figures and costumed ones regularly (not just having costumed figures as a one-class thing, like in previous years), and partially because the teacher this year is GREAT. If you're reading this, Tim, you're great. I don't know if having a good teacher is supposed to make this much difference, but it really does. Not worried about making mistakes or having bad drawing days so much anymore. That alone makes the difference between dreading class and miserably scratching things down while you're there and skipping to class to have a jolly old time. 


Update Two!

Even more things! This time, a pile of stuff that I have done for the third year film I'm a part of. It takes place in a small, cozy fruit shop somewhere in Kensington market. Originally it was going to be a graphic, flat, warped-perspective, film. Now it's somehow become a traditionally-inked, black and white...thing.

It's been fun drawing for the film, I have to say. It's one of those things where you try something you've never done before and you realize you quite enjoy it. And pen and ink is awesome. But I don't think I have any of my pen and ink stuff scanned. Hm.


Colour test using someone else's lineart