Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Theme Assignment!

For character design we have to do a series of characters with a mutual theme. It's a period piece that ties in with our storyboard and layout classes (so far). I just finished it, am very tired, and thought I would post the drawings before I got too tired, or just forgot.

My time period is Minoan Crete. It was fun to research, interesting, too. Looking at the past is always so fascinating, but disturbing. I mean, periods of hundreds of years are summed up in a single sentence. That's generations of people lumped together into a period that they didn't even know they were in! I'm sure that once I'm dead I'll be yelling at the living for including me in a time known as "The Early 20th Century Pre-Doom Era" or something.

I digress. Here's some purdy pictures.

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