Monday, February 20, 2012

Too busy making art to show people to show people the art I'm making.

It's a horrible cycle, you see. Working on portfolio has you drawing every day as much as you can. So much so that you can't be bothered to upload it anywhere. I need to find some sort of balance.

I was about to go to sleep at an almost decent hour, but then I had an idea I NEEDED to draw. Stephen Colbert + Jon Stewart= Awesome Bromantic Team. Sherlock Holmes + John Watson = Awesome Bromantic Team. .: Stephen Colbert + Jon Stewart= Sherlock Holmes + John Watson???

So now I'm going to bed at a ridiculous-er hour. I hope you're happy, whoever looks at my art. I might never get around to finishing this, simply because it's too ridiculous to actually use for anything. Expect a VERY large dump of portfolio work coming up soon!

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