Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Heroes and Villains vs SAI!

Okay, so I finally went for it and bought SAI Painter (an older edition). It's a Japanese program, so you actually buy from a Japanese site; about 5000 yen, or 70-ish dollars. Anyway, the point is it is TOTALLY worth it. It's amazing. I'd heard it was good, but THIS GOOD?? Very, very good. Allow me to explain.

I haven't been using my tablet very much. I only bought it when I came to this school and even so I haven't used it for everything, I still preferred using pencil and paper over Photoshop. I always thought my lines in Photoshop were too clunky, not really going where I wanted, and colouring in was such a pain! You needed to go around the edges to fix all the white pixels and UGH. What a hassle.

Using SAI is completely different. It feels like a much better connection with movement on tablet -> what you get on screen. Or maybe the way it applies it is just much more like what I expect to see? If that makes any sense. And it's just a much more pleasant experience over all. I have only used it for 4 drawings and already I am in love.

Enough about SAI, though, here's some art. It's for our Life Drawing assignment about Heroes and Villains. I guess I'm a story person, because before I could design characters I had to imagine a place for these three characters to be in the first place. First I thought: Superheroes. But then the teacher told us it didn't necessarily need to be Mr. Incredible everywhere, just someone with hero-like qualities or villainous qualities. So then my mind went to these two battling FBI agents, possibly fighting over the third. As if the third has information of some kind or is valuable to both agencies in some way. I knew I could do anything with these character designs, and I didn't want to to something like I always do...

So, instead, I decided to challenge myself. For some reason I always draw white men. Why? I dunno. But it's true. So I decided this time it would be three different WOMEN of different races. And I just went from there. When I had finished the drawings on paper I didn't really like them, but I thin the colours and more decisive line have helped quite a bit. Now I am all right with them. That's the best you can expect from an artist, right? Right. Yes. Right.

Without further adieu, the art!

BONUS ART: Me :) Why not.

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