Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Seriously, though, it's been a long long long time since I updated. I've done two commissions since then and figure they should be up here. 

The first had very loose requirements. She wanted something involving a woman/girl and the colours orange and/or green and/or red. Warm things. I suggested ideas, she liked what I came up with, and  just went from there.

It ended up being 4 feet tall, a few feet wide (hard to measure, it's an irregular shape). It consists of three layers. The bg, the bird of paradise, and the flamenco dancer on top. It was a pain to put together, I'm not going to lie. Cutting the boards was more difficult than I thought and I might have failed (lash taken longer to complete...) if not for the amazing power of my Dad and his jigsaw.

Four panels as they hang

...and how they looked while I was working on them
Right this second I'm working on making some business cards to put out where the 2nd painting hangs; direct people here, let them know who I am, etc. I'll probably put the image of that up when it's done. It's just a small vector self-portrait. I might zazz it up a bit just to make it interesting, though.

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