Monday, November 15, 2010

First Interior Painting

We just finished up the second painting assignment today, and I actually enjoyed doing it! We were told to use a layout done earlier in a Layout class and paint it. I expanded on a lineart based on the theme "Wizard's Lair". I had previously imagined the wizard as conjuring a green spell, making everything in the room green, but once I got to painting I found a more candlelit colour scheme was more appealing. The wizard didn't even make it into the final painting due to a lack of time, so I guess it's a moot point.

This time I decided to try using gouache in a more watercolour-y way instead of the usual thicker way I do it. It turned out to be WAY easier than how I usually do it. You can work with the paint more without it getting too messy and blobby, you can apply a light coating to lighten or's great. It's just great. I've never really tried watercolours, but was always turned off by how bland the colours are, so gouache satisfys all my painting needs.

Well, here are the tonals, colour keys and final painting for my interior!


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