Sunday, September 26, 2010

Painting Assignment One: Paint Something.

We have pretty much free reign for the first painting assignment this year. We're only limited to it being an outside environment. I decided arbitrarily on a desert. Deserts are cool, so hey, why not. Some google searches for what deserts actually look like and this is what I came up with:

The next stage of the assignment was to take this lineart and explore lighting through three different tonal studies.

That brings us to the present, taking one of the tonals and exploring three different colour schemes. I already had colours in my head that I thought of after seeing a picture. The first two I approached slowly and thought about, but the third one is just me going crazy. It had taken me hours to do the first two rough colours ideas and I couldn't think of anything good to do for the last one, so I just started painting. It was originally green, but the desert looked more like a forest that way. Anyway, enjoy:

The final painting is due in a week, so expect to see it in the near future!

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